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Listed below are some notable people associated with the town.

David the First (1080 - 1153) Established an Abbey, Selkirk Abbatis, in 1120. Believed to be made of wood which was later moved to more fertile land in Kelso.
James V (1512 - 1542) In 1535 Royal Charter granted in respect of Flodden conflict.
James Brown (J.B. Selkirk) Much regarded Scottish poet.
Andrew Lang (1844 - 1912) Poet and essayist.
F.D. Roosevelt (U.S. President 1933 - 1945) Descendant of the Murrays of Philiphaugh.
William Wallace (1272 - 1305) Declared guardian of Scotland in Selkirk's old Kirk.
Mungo Park (1771 - 1806) Born in Selkirk. Famous for the exploration of West Africa and the charting of the River Niger.
Tom Scott RSA (1854 - 1927) Born in Selkirk, highly collectable watercolour painter.
Sir Walter Scott (1771 - 1832) Scottish novelist. Dispensed justice in Selkirk.
James Hogg (1770 - 1835) A Scottish poet and essayist born is Ettrick, Selkirk.  Otherwise known as the "Ettrick Shepherd".
Robert Burns (1759 - 1796) Wrote his "Epistle to Willie Creech" in the Forest Inn.