Andrew Lang



Andrew Lang (1844-1912) born in Selkirk.

Andrew Lang was educated at St. Andrews and Oxford universities and as a historian researched myths and legends. He wrote and translated poems and also adapted fairytales for children.

Twilight on Tweed

Three crests against the saffron sky,
Beyond the purple plain,
The kind remembered melody,
Of Tweed once more again.

Wan water from the border hills,
Dear voice from the old years,
Thy distant music lulls and stills,
And moves to quiet tears.

Like a loved ghost thy fabled flood,
Fleets through the dusky land;
Where Scott, come home to die, has stood,
My feet returning stand.

A mist of memory broods and floats,
The border waters flow;
The air is full of ballad notes,
Borne out of long ago.

Old songs that sung themselves to me,
Sweet through a boy's day-dream,
While trout below the blossomed tree,
Plashed in the golden stream.

Twilight, and Tweed, and Eildon Hill,
Fair and too fair you be;
You tell me that the voice is still,
That should have welcomed me.

Andrew Lang